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Plastic the research with big canopy medium application

Published on:2014/7/31 15:15:10

Keyword:Plastic film, balata
Introduction:Below the premise that uses a function in contented carry, structural appearance should as far as possible simple, should choose appropriate arrow to ...

Below the premise that uses a function in contented carry, structural appearance should as far as possible simple, should choose appropriate arrow to cross than following vault curve, and the setting of establishment should prevent canopy top to follow result of sprinkling irrigation of corn of peaceful grazing land. Be located in loose tender Campagna with peaceful grazing land mid, it is important on land makes commissariat produce a division, basically give priority to in order to grow corn. Because of year fall is small, basically bear period in corn often because of drought, corn crop is low, economic benefits not beautiful. In last few years, with peaceful grazing land active promotion uses sprinkling irrigation technology, brought the promotion that makes the same score grass corn crop and economic benefits to follow to give a technology to assure.
Instantly, the big, medium-sized sprinkling irrigation machine that popularizes application with peaceful grazing land basically has boil move type follows drum pattern two kinds of type. Balata shoots a machine to boil move structure of type sprinkling irrigation machine is simple, scroll axis is spray pipe namely, deserve to have conduit of aluminium alloy water supply, semmetry of both wings of the spray pipe when exercise is configured, along scroll of plot length direction, undertake intermittent sprinkling irrigation works, problem of blind angle of nonexistent sprinkling irrigation, insufficient is the quantity that use worker worker bigger; The sprinkling irrigation when exercise raises a canal but automatic unreel arrives on drum, finish the shift of shower nozzle car thereby, undertake not intermittent sprinkling irrigation works, the source of water that with sprinkling irrigation of peaceful grazing land exercise uses advocate if dig motor-pumped well draw-out groundwater, electric power or diesel engine are motivation, boil move type sprinkling irrigation machine is only the well controls an area. Sprinkling irrigation exercise is the technical measure with a high cost-effective investment, be in with peaceful grazing land arid and austere the last ten-day of a month came in May July the first ten days of a month water requirement of this paragraph of corn is big, grow fast period undertakes sprinkling irrigation works, promoted the growth of corn greatly, with not the corn of sprinkling irrigation is compared, plant is expensive, and color is deep green, increase production is remarkable.
Look from the result that applies big, medium-sized sprinkling irrigation machine to undertake corn sprinkling irrigation works in last few years with peaceful grazing land, well of high polymer colophony builds sprinkling irrigation to have water of province industry, province and adaptability to wait for a characteristic by force, sprinkling irrigation already made the main technique step that produces with corn of peaceful grazing land now. Firn deflection a side; Establishment configuration does not make the structure produces a problem because of the lateral pressure action of snow, namely the structure has not arisen because of firn to be out of shape greatly with twist; Should assure to facilitate cleared firn, do not produce lateral pressure to follow to establishment sink pressure; The sort that when enclothing material, laid canopy should notice to enclothe material very follows clamping apparatus not of block up firn slide; Plastic to Lian Dong big canopy wants special attention firn distributings inhomogenous the adverse effect that produces to the structure.
Of construction angle big canopy build construction to must ask with the design conform to closes, whole frame foundation wants solid, framework is stable, canopy inner column stabilizes firm, do not shake do not shake, do not go up unplug cave in; Plastic film must stretch tight closely to go up in frame, cannot have too large pulling force, sag or the appearance such as occurrence fold, twist. Defend management angle is due when heavy snow weather be on duty personnel is perambulatory, timely organization personnel is cleared the firn of top of big canopy canopy and canopy root. When the accumulated snow on the body that be like canopy is deeper, want to notice to carry two side on the head to keep clear of at the same time from canopy, in order to avoid bosseyed suffer Xue Zai to cross ambassadorial canopy body to press collapse. To the sleet of southern region, should notice to keep clear of in time more, so kind the density of sleet is bigger, glide ability is poor, the destruction to big canopy power is greater.