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Safety is packed, what prospective food packs an industry is thematic

Published on:2014/7/21 11:30:00

Keyword:Litter, plastic products, plasticizer, reworked plastics
Introduction:Food packs the main component that is food goods, be called to be the " of additive agent for food with special " , it is the component that be not go...

Food packs the main component that is food goods, be called to be the " of additive agent for food with special " , it is the component that be not gotten in food industry or is short of. It can protect food, prevent biologic, chemistry, the harm of ab extra element of physics, produce direct or indirect effect to food quality. But in recent years, incident frequency sends food safety, the story that contains poisonous and harmful material about the food container, material that pack emerges in endlessly. Every time when each incident is opened, let us cannot not realize, situation of whole of the Chinese food industry that pack nots allow hopeful.

The sale on instantly market packages product with the provision that use, because its use an amount big, current fast, because this appeared,do not have manufacturing food not less to pack the small business of product condition or domestic mill. These enterprises produce environmental difference not merely, and for obtain expedience, apply industrial level raw material or poisonous and harmful second birth flotsam to have production even. Although these reworked plastics heat via high temperature in machining experience sterilization, but the plasticizer in the center, stabilizing agent cannot get rid of completely with a variety of harmful material such as formaldehyde however, with this kind plastic products packs the food of immediate entry, can cause austere consequence to human body health, apply for a long time will cause chronic and toxic cause cancer even.

It is with box of one-time plastic snack exemple, have some of black heart company, will main raw material follows the scale exchange of additive, the carry dosage of the additive such as industrial calcium carbonate, olefin exceeded 50% , some is as high as 80% . The snack box index of this kind of expensive stuff exceeds bid austere, exceed the hundredfold on national level even (national level is 30 milligram / litre) . Food temperature taller or when microwave oven heats, harmful material can dissolve in food, photograph initiate for a long time to bring about pathological changes of system of dyspeptic, liver to wait, suffer from even on the disease such as gall-stone, right healthy cause massive harm.

From this not ugly piece, hide the provision that " reduces machine " is packed, constituted potential menace to the health of consumer, cannot not cause our enough attention. Food industry of China wants to ensure provision is safe, ensure the legitimate rights and interests of consumer, have to pack fluctuation full hard work in food, alone assured to produce safety, ability assures to manage safety.

1, safety is changed

Food packs those who produce an enterprise to should show the stuff that pack actively to food company and broad consumer to handle a demand, put the safety that pack in the first place of quality of the material that pack. As food the enterprise should not purchase the material that pack at will, also want to value the safe hidden danger that packs food to may be brought highly.

2, vitrification

Development follows production colorless and transparent or translucent goods, can show the provision that packs already, facilitate again reclaim use, promote the value after the product is deserted, want to needing to avoid the food of light is attached most importance to especially. Other company should tag raw material name, code name and necessary caution diction on the product, facilitate the classification of the litter that pack follows reclaim use.

3, resource is changed

And reclaim using is all sorts of food pack the responsibility with manufacturing company, operator and joint consumer, alone brings into all sorts of packing what industrialization undertakes in the chain of circular economy to reclaim use, ability solves what food packs an industry to hold development issue. An enterprise that takes no account of processing of the litter that pack will be in the competition in the future be defeated below blast come. The mission of the material that pack is responsible to commodity not only, be in charge of with the environment to resource even.

Follow the development of science and technology as the progress of the times, safety is packed, will become what food packs an industry in the future is thematic, this needs the joint efforts of whole society, stimulative China food packs an industry forward the way of safe, wholesome, economic, environmental protection develops.