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Association of American plastic industry takes an active part in project of plastic second birth

Published on:2014/7/4 11:29:00

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Introduction:Recently, association of American plastic industry (SPI) announces, be in charge of just signing cooperative agreement with Recycling Partnership proj...

Recently, the United StatesPlastic labourTrade association (SPI) announces, be in charge of just signing cooperative agreement with Recycling Partnership project, join in formally this project. Disclose according to American media, recycling Partnership project is initiated by organization of civilian environmental protection, the target depends on using a few society that have industry force to promote the United States whole with the enterprise plastic reclaim utilization rate.

"Since association holds water, SPI all along devotes oneself to to popularize ' 0 litter, 100% loops second birth ' environmental protection concept. The consequence that hopes to pass oneself makes with effort every plastic litter can undertake 2 times using. " Chairman SPI William Carteaux is in a statement say.

To the affiliation of SPI, controller of Recycling Partnership project makes known his position to be honoured very much. "The member firm of SPI pervades catenary of whole and plastic industry, its appeal force and force are very major. This association will reclaim in in the future resource important role is acted in using a dialogue. " this controller say.

The near future, recycling Partnership project is busying plan market fund, it is what be about to hold subsequently all sorts of but second birth activity prepares funds.

Current, already joined whole world of this project bid well-known company and association include: Americanization of SPI, ACC(learns council) , company of Er of association of trade of American second birth, wave and Coke Cola group.

As we have learned, this project cooperates square main task is to give but second birth litter handles equipment, promotion people but second birth consciousness. With this at the same time, this project is returned go canvassing official of each city place, to them " engraft " circular second birth follows the concept that must not depart between the job, production.