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Full implementation of the green printing costs of geometry

Published on:2015/1/30 11:22:39

Introduction:& other;Green & throughout;Is generally recognized by the countries all over the world to have & other;Environment friendly & throughout;With & other;...

& other;Green & throughout;Is generally recognized by the countries all over the world to have & other;Environment friendly & throughout;With & other;Health & throughout;Connotation of the two key attributes of things a description, descriptive title.& other;Green printing & throughout;Is to have these two properties of printing experience and way of appellation.If not destroy the ecological environment, the Lord is not threat to human health, save resources consumption way of printing.

& other;Green printing & throughout;, which has received the extensive concern of the industry, promote the development of green printing is one of the main trend in printing industry, however, you need to implement the whole printing industry chain upstream and downstream enterprises to work together.Printing enterprise focusing on & other;Green printing & throughout;Social responsibility, environmental protection meaning at the same time, it must be considered & other;Green printing & throughout;The cost of change, the investment increase, the printing enterprise investment is needed in implementing green printing experience of major cost has carried on the preliminary summary, mainly includes the following angles:

a, the production environment comprehensive control of

First of all, the infection of discharge printing enterprises should meet the national or local regulations of emission standard requirement of infection, which is the most basic requirement of the green printing.Experience in production of waste water, waste gas, solid waste, noise and so on all need to be specially collected or processing.Columns such as purchase workshop exhaust gas purification equipment collection, vibration noise, developer and waste ink barrels, such as cloth for wiping dangerous waste all need please have the qualification to recycle and disposal of the environmental protection agency.Governance to end, still need to invest tens of thousands of yuan a year, please have a CMA qualification of testing institutions of wastewater, waste gas, noise and other project test environment.

2, raw and auxiliary materials in

Published according to the ministry of the environment mark product technical requirements for printing the first part: the lithography (draft) "requirement, paper, ink, adhesives and other auxiliary materials have corresponding technical indicators.Columns such as printing with paper part adding plasticizer with heavy metals and their compounds, ink to qualify for the HJ - T - 2007 environment mark product technical requirements offset printing ink "requirements.The prices of the raw materials must be higher than ordinary materials.Environmental protection type columns such as tianjin Oriental soybean oil ink offset gloss quick dry ink market in 45 yuan\/kg, imported in 100 yuan\/kg.And ordinary domestic offset printing ink are mostly under 30 yuan\/kg.Given what share in the total cost of the printing ink is less, the printing ink for printing enterprise was not too difficult.And in the future also is likely to get subsidies policy environmental printing ink.Bond Angle, PUR glue absolute than traditional EVA hot melt adhesive, environmental protection, the price of EVA hot melt adhesive for 25000 yuan a ton, as PUR glue a ton of price in more than 100000, imports of more than 130000, more than 70000 domestic.Because the same production PUR glue dosage of 2-3 times less than the EVA glue, so the introduction of PUR glue is really increase the cost of equipment modification, the purchase of PUR glue special glue pan and supporting device, import PUR glue pan around 550000, domestic only around 250000.

Three, the production experience of


In order to avoid the mutual infection when normal ink with the use of environmental printing ink, the ink fountain, rubber cloth cleaning needs to be more strict control, these will cost a lot of working hours, causing downtime is too long, yield per unit time.As such, printing companies in the production of environmentally friendly products will invest a lot of manpower and material resources.Production managers also need to pay more energy to focus on management of the production of these goods.

four, energy saving, water saving facilities renovation costs

Resource saving is implement green printing a very important indicator.All of these will require a certain amount of money at an early stage.But it produces benefits will soon appear.Each year in general printing enterprise, utilities are a lot of overhead.So as long as the timing is proper, can consider the money.

Printing enterprises to implement green printing although input costs from various angles, but we also because of this to see, from the perspective of resource recovery and recycling, brings to the enterprise economic benefit is very considerable.And, as the society to health, environmental protection consciousness enhancement, will be more and more requirements for environmental quality of the print position, it is also a development trend of doubt.If a printing enterprise implementation of the green printing first, she must have stronger competitiveness, can undertake a wider range of HuoYuan.And in a long-term strategic vision to see, it is definitely a GongZaiDangDai, cabinet of a good thing.

Printing companies because of the special nature of the industry, what kind of raw material, adopt what kind of products, production will be restricted by multiple perspectives, so the implementation of green printing needs the government, the publishing industry, raw material suppliers with the joint efforts of the whole society.As an ordinary member of the printed circle, I also strongly calls for a national related departments as soon as possible the green printing supporting policies, can we make the purpose of China's green printing better and faster to complete.