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China plastic from the big bang rate to efficiency

Published on:2015/1/30 11:15:05

Introduction:China plastics processing industry association executive vice President of Cao Jian pointed out that China plastics industry is a process & quot;Profo...

China plastics processing industry association executive vice President of Cao Jian pointed out that our country plastic industry is process a "profound adjustment", from the large-scale and high speed growth to focus on quality, efficiency and environmental protection.

"China plastics processing industry in the future will depend on the development of science and technology innovation and technological progress."He stressed.

12 month's central economic work conference issued a transformation strategy for a long time, for our country's next five-year plan (2016-2020) made the purpose.As part of the transformation, the association will be held in 2015 in organization various project academic exchange conference, aimed at the problems existing in the discussion and communication, position updating and technical transformation plan:

(1) pay special attention to energy conservation and emissions reduction work, focus on saving energy and reducing consumption, mainly grasp a variety of single and double screw extrusion machine power consumption of the common problems.

(2) the artificial leather, synthetic leather, plastic composite film, color film VOCs treatment and recovery work, the key to solve, source address with local recycling.

(3) focus on production of green environmental protection, organize PVC products production enterprise with fertilizer production enterprises to develop, test, production of environmentally friendly plastic additives, additives, heat stabilizer, etc., as soon as possible to make PVC products production enterprise solution to lead salt and calcium zinc stabilizer to replace.

Plastic machinery,


)2015 annual output, output value of

Cao Jian expected to increase to 8 in 6-8% - 10%, product structure and product class will have a very big promotion.

1 - in November

2014 the national enterprises above designated size plastic products production of 66.7059 million tons, up 7.45%;November 1 - plastic products industry main business income is 1.840004 trillion yuan, up 9.64% from a year earlier.Total profits of 100.877 billion yuan, up 8.44% year-on-year, advocate business wu income margin of 5.48%;1 - in November, the national plastic products exports of $54.725 billion, up 6.52% from a year earlier.

Cao Jian said: "enterprise must use more eco-friendly additive to replace the existing."At the same time, he provided "hedge action" to appreciate, and special mentioned "hedge" in reducing import waste plastic toxins to the Angle of prompt cleaning wastewater regeneration enterprises play a role.

, he added, to transform traditional production equipment cost pressures, some enterprises in a tough position.

he also explained that labor costs rose "is a developing tendency of the reasonable, because our country has continued economic growth. Rising costs to promote complete automation enterprises.