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Petrifaction is touched in on Tecent oil changes more add envisage

Published on:2014/8/12 13:19:04

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Introduction:Does the Internet big wrist that can mixture ownership reform deny petrifaction to draw real significance to go up first in regard collaboration as th...

Does the Internet big wrist that can mixture ownership reform deny petrifaction to draw real significance to go up first in regard collaboration as the object?

Oily supplier was in the 2nd old finished product of the biggest, world yesterday official website exposure, fu Chengyu of this group president interviewed Liu Chi of Tecent company president to make the same score group in headquarters last week, angle of bilateral mutual collaboration talks endowment undertake communicating. Although the message is only very few several language, gave the market infinite daydream however, the hearsay of company of sale of the petrifaction in before also making, becoming a shareholder about Tecent general obtains the government to explode first those who go out " clew " .

Be in the petrifaction in the bottom rolled out mixture ownership reform to bring capital proposal from beginning to end as scheduled in June, in the bookshops begins confused to pass in petrifaction sells to social capital 30% equity belong to the same organization of sale company will begin contest the first round to cast, internet included in joining the company that joins with contest Tecent of two big bibcock and Alibaba.

a Liu Chi of president of second Tecent company is smooth headquarters of the petrifaction in be being visited personally, interview directly " a party to an undertaking " Fu Chengyu, laid solid high-level foundation to the cooperation with possible in the future both sides undoubtedly.

Follow the issue such as Tecent development collaboration to can be being denied, in an in-house personage was accepting petrifaction group yesterday on when card signs up for a reporter to enquire, did not deny. Although do not agree to divulge Fu Chengyu follows Liu Chi to make the same score the specific content of this talk, he or to the reporter company of sale of the petrifaction in defining is in introduce civilian endowment, a series of tentative plans that develop angle of the business that be not oil.

According to in petrochemical tentative idea, introduce civilian endowment the scope of business that the enterprise can increase the gas station below the banner above all, include to be able to be adopted cooperate with civilian look forward to, establish relevant and retail firm, manage Yi Jie technically to interlink convenience store business, establish in each area purchase a center to follow deserve to send content to shed central; to be made together with civilian look forward to " convenience inn - cheer (gas) station - business exceeds - net city " ; of network of quaternity sale terminal is not oil to taste business through developing, make retail network into the function complete, service the; of excellent, omnibus service network that has stronger competition ability follow brand value at the same time, finish the function that cheers card to extend, increase function of the consumption on air entrainment consumption, supermarket consumption and net, increase effectively cheer compose of calorie of precipitation capital; to build " the store on the net " , the platform store that builds blame oil to taste business sells terrace with the store on the net, finish the consumption on the net then.

On this size base, in petrifaction can exploit shop of Yi Jie advantage to the domain beyond gas station even. For example, the supermarket that buys a few management not to be pooh-poohed through choose check and accept or annex a few appropriate individual management supermarkets, to its door inn undertakes transforming, new start business, let inn of easy nimble advantage do not accept area restriction from this, more community of press close to, dweller. In the meantime, still can make easy nimble community " 8 minutes of lives consume a circle " , according to located the management focal point with environmental different establish, if the village is convenience inn, campus advantage inn, hospital is convenience inn of advantage of place of flow of inn, personnel.

And for the petrifaction in be opposite, although its become the celebrity of oil petrifaction domain already, also early begins to try Wu of dug cable business, but because be not professional one's previous experience, its did not achieve too great progress up to now in the attempt of electric business angle.

"This also is why we should see it whether can follow sale company to achieve an advantage when affirmative partner complementary, whether can become the matter of the partner that sells company business development. " in petrifaction personage says.

Look in the personage inside many course of study, because accuse,Tecent follows the electric business tycoon such as Alibaba with share line the second line of a couplet follows on numerous O2O(line move) platform, have perfect report circle of economy of business modes of life and relation to their environment and mastered an amount giant mobile client, its are undoubtedly most accord with the petrifaction in following " the advantage is complementary " the potential investor of the requirement. And once follow in petrochemical collaboration cashs, the latter business that be not oil will be opened more of countless envisage a space.

Notable is, in a few gain that give to cooperate with social capital already cast continuously before petrifaction: Was on July 29 first, petrifaction sells a company to sign agreement of business collaboration framework with embellish peaceful group in, both sides purchases executive combination reduce cost, dug electron business affairs follows matters concerned of O2O business collaboration to wait.

Of after this on August 7, petrifaction sale company follows Tibetan highland again in natural water limited company signs strategic cooperation agreement in Lhasa, make own brand jointly " Zhuo Maquan of easy nimble · " natural glacier drinking water.

Apparent, petrifaction is in in cash step by step according to oneself rhythm the acceptance that mixture system of ownership reforms, and can next collaboration object be Tecent?

"You can be envisaged amply. " afore-mentioned in petrifaction interior personage is laughing to say to the reporter.