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Shutdown of polypropylene of Li Changrong chemical industry; Chemical explosion causes political circles earthquake

Published on:2014/8/12 13:18:53

Keyword:Polypropylene, balata, polymer
Introduction:Should the instruction of Kaohsiung municipal government, the polypropylene of big company plant of Li Changrong chemical industry is produced from 8 ...

Should the instruction of Kaohsiung municipal government, the polypropylene of big company plant of Li Changrong chemical industry is produced from 8 since all along shutdown. In the meantime, continue as the hidden trouble of Taiwan infrastructure by exposure, political circles also gets embroil, begin to cause an earthquake.

Li Changrong chemical industry (flourish is changed) what vacate high-powered polymer with American division is amalgamative trade still burst, but Rong Huajian holds those who ask latter compensates for 25 million dollar to part company cost.

Although comply with,flourish is changed the instruction of Kaohsiung municipality shutdown, but make known his position for many times, shutdown wants a loss everyday the battalion of 51 million new station money closes, think this is right its many 5000 worker and family can cause adverse effect, appeal authorities agrees go back to work as early as possible repeatedly so.

Previously, flourish is changed announce initiative shutdown 4 days (on August 6-9 day) , explode in order to make sure its worker can be joined with gas the activity of public memorial ceremony of martyr. This company declares where one stands at that time, shutdown stops the run that reduces 139 million new station money 4 days.

Flourish is changed is Taiwan 3 big polypropylene produce one of business, its are big company plant is produced per year can amount to 400 thousand tons.

Polypropylene is flourish change advocate one of business Wu, in its total 2013 battalion closes in occupy 31% .

And flourish changes the biggest business SBC balata (36%) was sufferred vacate with American division amalgamative trade cracked destiny.

Division vacate announced on August 6, the board of directors cancels to agree with this trading proposal to partner. Subsequently, flourish is changed announced on August 8, had decided to stop with division the cooperative agreement that vacate.

The influence of explosive incident had surmounted flourish to turn a company far. The issue of deep administrative levels that follows governmental action as capital construction security continues to rise to surface, personage of relevant political circles faces the public to blame with examine, pressure apprentice is added. The vituperation between the political party battle not merely at job of no help, more one disaster after another.

Taiwan former " economic minister " Zhang Jiazhu resigns actively last week, assume the main responsibility of incident in order to show. The abdication that he releases publicly in makes known his position in the letter, the hope assumes responsibility through oneself, taiwan government can stop the saliva fight between two parties, turn and center force to settle current difficult position.

Zhang Jiazhu's pressure basically comes from Kaohsiung mayor Chen Ju, she emphasizes the responsibility that cop safety is economic ministry for many times. And economic ministry is responded to, local government should be in charge of managing this locality cop.

But Kaohsiung city official cannot escape implication, 4 officers that include a deputy mayor inside also submitted resignation. Originally the mayor Chen Ju with civilian quite tall attune also is faced with nonofficeholding cry.

Although official investigation has not announce answer to a riddle, but numerous report has shown, accident propylene cop is passed unexpectedly big box water transport (groundwater passageway) . Industry follows suspicion of political circles personage, all the year round turbid erode brought about propylene cop to divulge, and the gas that divulge pervades to be nodded to explosive ground as box water transport.

On August 11, taiwan media reports, with operation of the conduit before explosion direct and relevant flourish is changed with China carry 7 workers already by Kaohsiung check square summon for trial, 7 average per capita are handed in according to public risk blame protect.