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Danger is changed taste the die young that centers control methanol market to encounter content to flow

Published on:2014/8/12 13:18:42

Introduction:At present domestic methanol market keeps small fan, by explore of partial area be issued to lower levels, "Not the poorest, alone is poorer " , to th...

At present domestic methanol market keeps small fan, by explore of partial area be issued to lower levels, "Not the poorest, alone is poorer " , to the market of the current year, the personage inside a lot of course of study is having such deep feeling. Look in them, besides exhausted outside weak main area, carry, the change of freight also is to cause the market new the main prime culprit of round of change.

"Without special highway transportation passageway, railroad is carried also because of transport power insecurity ability is limited, it is difficult to change tasted methanol to comparative in original carriage angle as danger. " in Yu Peng sen of analyst of eaves information methanol tells a reporter, domestic methanol advocate produce an area to be in greatly inland can be used without shipping, its most convenient highway transportation holds high because of freight again however and cannot large-scale long-distance allocate and transport, can say, content flows to methanol market it is the one catastrophe problem that headaches most.

More those who let the market feel bemused is, since the current year, danger of be enslaved to be enslaved to changes tasted concentration control, methanol market is the die young that sufferred content flows more.

As we have learned, from the beginning of the year of the current year, accident of explosion of car of especially big methanol begins Shanxi, each district came on stage in succession a series of change the byelaw that tastes limitation to carry about danger, especially near future Shandong publishs danger to change taste nightly carriage control, shaanxi executes danger to change taste carriage mark to carry wait for a series of relation danger to change taste carriage policy rules, make shed one disaster after another with respect to difficult and heavy methanol other people originally.

"It is with carriage passageway with the main and downstream area of shipment of instantly northwest enterprise exemple, what Ningxia, Inner Mongolia, Shaanxi reachs Heibei and Shandong area is original south passageway of line high speed has been cut off almost in Shanxi, instantly only remnant northwest arrives the high speed passageway of Hubei, Henan is expedite, boreal line became northwest company east the aorta that be defeated. " Yu Peng sen specification says.

Not merely such, to austere depend on change one's costume or dress and other places of the Shaanxi that car low carries, Inner Mongolia still caused freight to rise, the situation of transport power insecurity. And since last week of price of northwest enterprise methanol glide, reason of Chang Dayi part is not in the center, carry the concession that cost rises and makes to answer methanol namely.

Count of information of the eaves in occupying, inner Mongolia already rose to Hua Dong's freight last week 100 yuan / ton, northwest also rose to Hua Dong's freight 70, 90 yuan / ton differ. Since last week, northwest manufacturer begins sale yielding benefit, fall in 10, 30 yuan / ton differ, shaanxi evergreen, Inner Mongolia is long the methanol production company such as peaceful all rises to freight made certain concession. Because freight rises, price of shipment of and other places of Hubei of the main market that receive money, Hunan, Henan, Heibei, Shandong also rose 10, 30 yuan / ton.

"Rise as what content spreads cost, the regional trend of domestic methanol market also is sent more remarkable. " explanation of Deng world constant says Shanghai metaphase analyst, relatively at in former years, the whole of domestic methanol market of the current year presents a relatively remarkable regional become divided. A month comes, price of northwest area methanol glides considerably, and the area stabilizes Huadongde however small the expression that go up is methanol market the true portraiture of regional trend. "Current, because pressure of northwest area sale is greater, and demand of market of the eastpart part still slants weak, so, in-between shed the rise of cost to give the bargainor that is eager to shipment and the buying party that just required with respect to apportion, formed northwest to go weak then, the eastpart part slants strong small even the pattern that go up. The eastpart part slants strong small even the pattern that go up..

In light of instantly, content sheds cost to regard methanol as the main component of the price, its change subtly will right of methanol price go up drop form immediate impact. "Country the control to carrying the market is level sex, long-term even sex, of freight rise to be able to be fluctuated to swim to be digested slowly only accept, and won't offer from policy angle become loose. " Yu Peng sen thinks, because of raw material element, of methanol advocate produce an area to follow advocate sell an area to be out of line austere, and have the development tendency that expands ceaselessly possibly henceforth, allocating content reasonably to spread way just is the outlet with northwest methanol due enterprise.

Look in Deng Shiheng, by August before, the face of supply and demand of methanol market whole still appears slant weak structure, namely advocate pressure of sale yield a division is greater, demand of the eastpart part has marked improvement hard also. Short-term inside, methanol price will still appear be issued to lower levels to move toward, of content shedding cost rose to remove price of a decelerate to drop merely situation conductive action.

"Predict to be in this month the last ten-day of a month or lunar end, methanol content sheds link pressure to will be reduced, at the appointed time international home market will have to good development tendercy, epicycle content sheds link to will be to the influence of methanol by the month somewhat abate. " Yu Peng sen says.