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Market of domestic titanium white rises abroad mine price drops

Published on:2014/8/11 13:17:06

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Introduction:Crucial clew: This week loses relatively except prices of abroad titanium concentrate outside situation, other breed appears firm in hasten goes up po...

Crucial clew: This week loses relatively except prices of abroad titanium concentrate outside situation, other breed appears firm in hasten goes up posture. Australia titanium concentrate drops in the center 20-25 dollar / ton, vietnam drops into buccal A mine 50-100 yuan / ton, and Australia titanium iron rises 0.1-0.2 dollar / kilogram, useless titanium bits rises 0.05 dollars / ton. Domestic angle, pink of rutile titanium white rises 200 yuan / or so tons, other breed mainstream is maintained ceaselessly smooth and steady.

One, home market

1. titanium concentrate

Titanium concentrate value changes

Mainstream of this prices of concentrate of the titanium inside Zhou Guo still is held firm, entrance mine price goes low further, if pursue,1 is shown. The message says, manufacturer of near future part begins active ask dish Vietnam A mine, the market trades atmosphere is shown slightly active, however, price of mine of A of Vietnam of instantly Guangxi area is relatively confused, do not contain duty value 1100-1300 yuan / ton all have clinch a deal, but the mainstream clinchs a deal the price is centered in 1150-1200 yuan / ton between, relatively drop last week 50-100 yuan / ton. Homebred ore prices is held ceaselessly firm, involve the area austral Xi Jiyun concentrate of 65 degrees of titanium clinchs a deal valence is centered in 600-650 as before yuan / ton between, predict homebred ore prices keeps balance ceaselessly next week, entrance mine clinchs a deal valence or farther to low draw close.

Pink of 2. titanium white

A week of titanium white pink is moved toward

Prices of this pink of the titanium white inside Zhou Guo rises ceaselessly, if pursue,2 are shown. From last week Sichuan dragon boa go up again 300-400 of producer price of the whitening that move titanium yuan / ton hind, nearly 10 manufacturers such as titanium white of the nucleus in this week and Annada also are mixed in succession go up, extent all is in 300 yuan / or so tons. Suffer this to prop up, market price case also appears small go up raise, market of pink of instantly rutile titanium white clinchs a deal price main trend is centered in 13500-14000 yuan / ton between, relatively go up last week 200-300 yuan, acute titanium maintain ceaselessly in 10800-11500 yuan / ton. Predict next week prices of titanium white pink or keep smooth and steady strike.

2, international market

Change of value of international titanium product is expressed

City of this the titanium outside Zhou Hai is swelled drop each other shows. Occupy information of British metal gazette to show, up to dollar of 6-6.1 of quote of iron of titanium of 6 days of late MB / kilogram, relatively go up last week dollar of 1.55-1.6 of quote of bits of useless titanium of class of Gao Xi of 0.1-0.2 dollar; / pound, low stannum class 1.7-1.75 dollar / pound, go up dollar of 155-175 of quote of concentrate of titanium of Australia of 0.05 dollars; / ton, drop dollar of 900-1050 of quote of rutile of bulk of Australia of 20-25 dollar; / ton, dollar of in bags 850-950 / ton, follow to keep balance last week ceaselessly.

As Europe Xia Xiu season tends ring down the curtain, overseas market demand is released gradually, partial breed begins explore to go up. However titanium concentrate prices criterion as before low fan, below the active demand a low price of inland trade business, instantly clinchs a deal to be centered in 160 dollars mostly / ton on low resource, just produce character to measure or opposite slightly second. However, because rate of start working of mine of Indian area titanium is not high, most mine business does not wish to depreciate ceaselessly goods, reason prices falls ceaselessly resistance is greater. Predict next week prices of abroad titanium city or firm in narrow cut is adjusted.

3, forecast next week

European Xia Xiu draws near ring down the curtain, overseas market demand begins to improve, but titanium concentrate prices as before low fan, short-term of short duration picks up hard, predict abroad and other breed or continuance hasten go up next week impetus. Whole of domestic titanium city still relatively cold and cheerless, prices of the whitening that divide titanium carries valence to drive in succession in manufacturer, performance is relatively strong outside, other breed instantly did not rise temporarily motivation, the atmosphere with off-season demand is enveloping the market as before, predict the market acclaims enthusiasm to will drop in temperature gradually next week, wait-and-see mood or add subsequently thick, prices also will gradually hasten is smooth and steady