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Chongqing plastic pattern provided quotations of steel market value on August 11

Published on:2014/8/11 13:17:03

Keyword:Plastic pattern is provided
Introduction:Steel is planted price of producing area of name state standards rises drop remarks plastic pattern provides 20-50*2100 of steel 3Cr2Mo/P20 hot-rollin...

Steel is plantedBrandConditionNormsProducing areaThe priceGo up dropRemarks
Plastic pattern provides steel3Cr2Mo/P20Hot-rolling20-50*2100Steel of Xing Cheng spy7400--
Plastic pattern provides steel718HHot-rolling20-50*2100Steel of Xing Cheng spy11400--
Plastic pattern provides steel3Cr2Mo/P20Hot-rolling20-90*205-305N spy steel10600-Money is little

1, if watch of above of not special introduction labels local market cash, merchandise on hand, small lot, carry oneself, do not contain the condole cost, value that contains pick up the goods of duty, make out an invoice, place, weigh;

2, drop in order to rise extent is in front of trade price relations of price of day closing quotation is poor;

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