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Stage city exports the rotational moulding opportunity with global the greatest diameter

Published on:2014/8/11 13:16:23

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Introduction:The staff member of rotational moulding of the rising sun is debugging the rotational moulding opportunity with global the greatest diameter. (Data pi...

The staff member of rotational moulding of the rising sun is debugging the rotational moulding opportunity with global the greatest diameter. (Data picture)

Recently, the rotational moulding opportunity with global the greatest diameter is divided to pack 6 container, the limited company of science and technology of rotational moulding of the rising sun of lukewarm mountain city that creates this machine from research and development (next weighing " rotational moulding of the rising sun " ) , the factory that transfers Canada to buy the home is installed try machine success. Diameter of machine of this rotational moulding 6.5 rice, 27 meters long, 17 meters wide, 8 meters tall, zhu Guocai of general manager of rotational moulding of the rising sun says, this machine beat the entrance door of North America market for them.

Throw nearly 6 million yuan of research and development, everything from make clear the principle begins

With note model, blow model exactly like, rotational moulding also is a kind of the plastic product craft that make, use at making hollow product, basically use at first wait for small-sized goods at producing toy, rubber ball, container, apply on large goods of late more. And rotational moulding of the rising sun is production company of product of a rotational moulding at first, zhu Guocai discovered production of equipment of domestic rotational moulding or blue sea market 2007, he decides sortie the research and development of this one product.

Zhu Guocai says, at the beginning when change manages train of thought, the home follows in the company in, he encountered many people object. "And, at the beginning the sample that we can not consult, can follow a principle according to blueprint paper only, oneself are studied from the beginning. Myself knows a technique, the expert that also sought the cherish the same ideals and follow the same path inside course of study in succession joins in, our chief engineer with respect to enterprise of war industry of one's previous experience. " Zhu Guocai says.

2009, machine of the first rotational moulding takes force market from the factory eventually, these two years, zhu Guocai altogether threw nearly 6 million yuan to use at research and development. "Machine of the first rotational moulding sells Kazakstan Si Tan with the price of 600 thousand yuan of RMBs, and the at least of price of rotational moulding confidential that abroad is the same as norms at that time 2 million yuan. This diameter 6.5 meters rotational moulding machine our price is 1.8 million yuan or so, 1/3 what alone abroad travels together. " Zhu Guocai says.

Have patent 30 multinomial, domestic person of the same trade is discharged the first

Although the enterprise scale of rotational moulding of the rising sun is not large, worker up to now also alone 130 much people, but, zhu Guocai has confidence ground to say very much, the content of science and technology of its company product is in in the platoon in domestic person of the same trade the first. "Pass in course of study of additional foreign enterprise break when the means research and development of overall and duplicate spare parts, we been consideringing the principle of this machine. Instantly, our company has 30 multinomial patent, and be mostly follow rotational moulding equipment relevant. " Zhu Guocai says.

"Because environmental protection, impulse withstand, can reclaim wait for a reason, the country supports rotational moulding very, still included 935 plans rotational moulding. Classics of province of the current year is believed appoint with Wen Ling city included a key to support a project, provided very great help. " Zhu Guocai says, besides policy support, the market benefit of rotational moulding product is first-rate also, the boat of rotational moulding barbecue that a diameter controls 3 meters, the price is about 30 thousand multivariate.

After the success that acquires a product, zhu Guocai did not stop the research and development of the product. The efficiency that to defeat solution production of mould small lot causes is low with rate slow issue, the group that Zhu Guocai follows him is own research and development Ban Jin Momo shapes equipment. "The mould production that is the same as norms before this wants a month, at present 10 days do not arrive, and equipment price wants many yuan 150 only, it is Japan those who import congener product is special one of. " Zhu Guocai says.

Cooperate with the college, research is plastic build a car

In business development experience, zhu Guocai all along is facing the problem that the talent shorts. "Many workers in our factory are sent go debugging equipment abroad, this also controlled our scale of production increase. Because professional technology is undermanned, our the current year was produced only first half of the year be less than 30 machines. " Zhu Guocai says.

"But, this also is the problem that whole industry faces, the rotational moulding facility with even if the largest whole world produces manufacturer, annual yield rotational moulding equipment also not about a hundred, supply can satisfy manufacturing requirement far from. " Zhu Guocai says, to answer this question, he already cooperated with the college such as university of Beijing chemical industry, one point of view is common new technology of research and development, one angle also develops person with ability of professional be geared to the needs of the job.

In addition, zhu Guocai still is in with our country metrology the courtyard cooperates, the electric car that material of rotational moulding of research and development makes. "How much didn't the function of this kind of car differ with average car, can be more impulse withstand, and be measured because of attaching most importance to lighter, because this compares traditional car more the environmental protection that save oil, in Italy, such car has appeared on the market. " Zhu Guocai says.