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New way of course of study of ark of plastic furniture ready-made clothes lifts fashionable tide

Published on:2014/8/11 13:16:12

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Introduction:Visit household to sell an investigation discovery, the brand of plastic furniture follows line of the products than in former years all marked increa...

Visit household to sell an investigation discovery, the brand of plastic furniture follows line of the products than in former years all marked increase, and the development trend that the market value that sell like hot cakes tastes newly appears a polarization. Plastic furniture market fervent. And this points to palpability for chest enterprise undoubtedly a new development way.

Plastic products maintains growth plastic furniture market is fervent

The data that according to our country association of plastic treatment industry publishs shows, in January 2014 - in June, accumulative total of industry of countrywide plastic products achieves yield thirty-four million seven hundred and eighteen thousand five hundred tons, grow 6.38%; compared to the same period in the center, achieved yield June six million eight hundred and twenty-nine thousand six hundred tons, grow 8.74% compared to the same period, monthly of model product output is added fast successive 3 months pick up. As the main component of plastic products, in recent years the plastic furniture on market presents a diversification, fractionize to turn situation, the basis is lived in to appropriate home, unexpectedly the home, Home Long Fengzhi investigation that lives in a store, various plastic furniture lifted " quick style " tide.

Enterprise of much chest of plastic furniture advantage needs to grab catch first machine

Show according to concerning the market research data of plastic furniture, of 72.73% suffer the person that visit to be willing the choose and buy is plastic furniture, the consumer of 9.09% " regular meeting is bought " , although footing is ambiguous,have the customer of 18.18% additionally, but still have tendentiousness of certain choose and buy.

And, of consumer the choose and buy is accordingly plastic furniture product, the mainest reason is deft and the modelling choiceness of plastic furniture, convenient, it is colour nature, comfortable next easy and comfortable, material is qualitative healthy environmental protection, practical wait for an element more by force. Plastic chest serves as the main component of plastic furniture, at present brand of a lot of chest also begins to roll out, believe the development as plastic furniture, plastic chest market or " money " scene is infinite.

Chest enterprise produces plastic chest to need prep close behind to consume an idea

In the past, the plastic furniture all along on market with light and low, fetching, a lot of consumer mention plastic furniture, take " low " with its link up with. Current, consumer consumes ideal change, become to the demand of furniture characteristic is changed, diversification. All sorts of plastic furniture that brand of a few furniture rolls out recently, with high price high qualitative, fashionable design, multivariate the characteristic such as colour again refresh consumer is right the cognitive concept of plastic furniture, attention is low before the plastic furniture that carries masses market also went " go up high big " high-end course. So, to chest enterprise, answer on style of plastic chest design more enlarge bravery, innovation, will satisfy the requirement of young customer. In the meantime, strengthen product craft to follow the technical reformation of charge for the making of sth. , more excellent, make get assuring amply on plastic chest quality.

Current, plastic furniture is older and older to consumer appeal, each chest company should hold good market trend, take advantage of an opportunity and for. Of plastic furniture market fervent, or the development way with hand-me-down ark new company.