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Plastic fast, much, fine agitation leads in furniture industry

Published on:2014/8/8 13:17:09

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Introduction:Occupy the data that association of industry of our country plastic treatment publishs recently, in January 2014 - in June, accumulative total of indu...

Occupy the data that association of industry of our country plastic treatment publishs recently, in January 2014 - in June, accumulative total of industry of countrywide plastic products achieves yield thirty-four million seven hundred and eighteen thousand five hundred tons, grow 6.38%; compared to the same period in the center, achieved yield June six million eight hundred and twenty-nine thousand six hundred tons, grow 8.74% compared to the same period, monthly of model product output is added fast successive 3 months pick up.

As the main component of plastic products, in recent years the plastic household on market presents a diversification, fractionize to turn situation, the appropriate home household that visits recently, unexpectedly the reporter inside the household store such as the home, Home Long Fengzhi sees, various plastic furniture lifted " quick style " tide.

In recent years the plastic household on market presents a diversification, fractionize to turn situation, plastic furniture and the change that consume an idea as consumer, plastic furniture increasingly characteristic is changed, diversification, taste furniture newly to pledge high with high price refresh is plastic the acknowledge of furniture, be on high-end course.

The plastic furniture all along on market with light and low, fetching, a lot of consumer mention plastic furniture, take " low " with its link up with. Change as the characteristic of the change that consumes an idea and furniture demand, diversification, all sorts of plastic furniture that brand of a few furniture rolls out recently, with high price high qualitative, fashionable design, multivariate the characteristic such as colour again refresh consumer is right the cognitive concept of plastic furniture, attention is low before the plastic furniture that carries masses market also went " go up high big " high-end course.

Fix a price two class become divided

Came 30 days on July 29, the reporter visited those who be located in area of Beijing rising sun respectively unexpectedly the appropriate home of area of stage of the domestic furniture city of an inn of 10 lis of rivers, Longfeng, abundant lives in inn of Xi Gong door, the brand that sees plastic furniture follows line of the products than in former years all marked increase, and the development trend that the market value that sell like hot cakes tastes newly appears a polarization.

"Plastic furniture is not certain the advantage with alone low price, should design distinctive, quality to have only assure, also can satisfy a lot of in high end consumes demand. " according to Ju Xigong of appropriate home home the concerned staff member of door inn explains, a variety of new funds just were renewed inside near future inn plastic furniture, retail prices all is in 1000 yuan of above, with in former years different is, today new fund furniture of summer achieves a breakthrough on the price, go up in design style more enlarge bravery, innovation. According to explaining, in the product of plastic desk and chair that gets sell like hot cakes, the glider consumption that follows 1800 yuan with 39 yuan back chair is approbated degree highest.

In visit the reporter sees, besides the cup, receive case, last the box, ash-bin plastic household articles for use that often can see, a lot of brands are new big furniture such as bookshelf of bed of the desk and chair that roll out, chest, children, combination also converts in succession plastic material is qualitative. The concerned controller that lives in inn according to Jing Xuan explains, the plastic desk and chair of log of a few when this inn near future rolls out emulation canes, copy has been attracted come to many " later guest " .

Be in unexpectedly inside the brand shop of much home brand of an inn of 10 lis of rivers, the reporter sees a variety of plastic furniture such as bed of ark of desk and chair, combination, children, be about the same with the retail prices that is the same as model woodiness furniture. Explain according to concerning a staff member, the plastic furniture that the current year rolls out all has on the design style, craft that make change significantly, and in market fixed position of high end was broken through gradually " low of plastic furniture = " the idea is restricted, "Current plastic furniture also can get in of high-end consumption group approbate. "Current plastic furniture also can get in of high-end consumption group approbate..

Show according to concerning the market research data of plastic furniture, of 72.73% suffer the person that visit to be willing the choose and buy is plastic furniture, the consumer of 9.09% " regular meeting is bought " , although footing is ambiguous,have the customer of 18.18% additionally, but still have tendentiousness of certain choose and buy. And, of consumer the choose and buy is accordingly plastic furniture product, the mainest reason is deft and the modelling choiceness of plastic furniture, convenient, it is colour nature, comfortable next easy and comfortable, material is qualitative healthy environmental protection, practical wait for element; more by force to see, the potential of development of plastic furniture market that high-end consumption group locates in is greater.

"When buying furniture, I pay close attention to product exterior to follow quality more. " Ran Miao is accepting the customer that lives in village of lotus of Beijing Haidian area when interviewing, mention, the sexual price of plastic furniture is compared opposite taller, and chest of the desk and chair of oneself, bookshelf, combination all instead is plastic material is qualitative, "At present plastic sort also has many, compare Yu Mu qualitative furniture, the actor bad with plastic qualitative material discerns more easily a bit, furniture weight also is compared light, put, clean a few more convenient. Put, clean a few more convenient..

Same, other a few suffer the person that visit to also say frankly, the phyletic grow in quantity of plastic furniture on market, price is statified, facilitate bad of comparative when the choose and buy actor.

"I value the colour with plastic bold furniture to use the design style that follows style, the product that perceives individual character just suits young customer, the exterior wants already good-looking and beautiful, furniture quality also assures so that have, such even if prices also were worth high. " when Zhang Hongliang is interviewing the consumer that pursues plan of advertisement article table in Beijing, say so.

Consumption watchs progressively change

"Plastic furniture uses style of kind of bold, design mostly, especially contracted style is liked easily by young customer. " the personage inside course of study is mentioned, the aggravate that the industry competes makes a brand plastic furniture continues get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh, the market is politic from low end the masses consumes the high end in progressively face to consume market development. Current, in environmental protection of high-grade and plastic furniture, can reclaim the characteristic such as recycle is to get more of a lot of consumer approbate.

"Plastic furniture no longer cheap goods, the environmental protection consciousness of contemporary consumer continues to increase, because this designs vogue, colour attraction of the gorgeous, person that facilitate the plastic furniture offset that maintain is expended is bigger and bigger. " a when Jing Yue lives in inn the Tang Dynasty surname manager is being accepted when interviewing, mention, more furniture brands marched in the competition of plastic furniture, make product craft continue progress, charge for the making of sth. is more excellent, as each high end in old brand continuity of plastic furniture product is rolled out, the consumptive idea that makes plastic furniture cheap, cheap transforms stage by stage.