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Machine of Jin Ming essence together Xi'an hands in big research and development to blow model equipment controller

Published on:2014/8/8 11:16:59

Keyword:Model machine, mechanical equipment
Introduction:A few days ago message, machine of Jin Ming essence is handed in with Xi'an sign greatly " the system of the control that blow film that is based on s...

A few days ago message, machine of Jin Ming essence is handed in with Xi'an sign greatly " the system of the control that blow film that is based on special chip develops a contract " , both sides general together research and development gives tall intelligence from development of systematic chip proceed with homebred the controller of the equipment that blow model that turn.

Machine of essence of life shows Jin Ming, this project is based on the control system of SOC system chip, it is one of crucial skills that show industry of level model machine, and this one technology still masters instantly in hand of a few developed country only. After this product research and development is successful, will break foreign company to be opposite high-grade the forestall of the machine that blow film, change industry " machine strong report is weak " situation, increase the profit space of homebred equipment.

The company explains, this considers the 2nd batch to the project is Guangdong province strategical technology of burgeoning industry key -- " high-powered intelligence is changed multilayer squeeze the equipment that blow model in all " industrialization project. The project will be adopted be based on developmental computation to wait for intelligent algorithm with ambiguous control, combine characteristic of pilot of the equipment that blow film, the closed circuit of the physical quantity such as position of the system that finish, speed, temperature, pressure is controlled accurately, change through running paralell, real time is changed change with the smallest resource wait for processing, adopt piece on change wait for a technology, get on algorithmic sclerosis to special chip, obtain appropriative, own research and development finally, the systematic chip that finishs technology of the equipment that blow film.

China is the mechanical equipment market with instantly the biggest whole world, of the crucial technology such as system of control of be enslaved to be enslaved to be short of break, unfavorable balance of trade of amount of imports and exports of model aircraft equipment is great. Machine of our country model imported an amount to be 10052 2013, entrance amount restrains 1.82 billion dollar, our country accumulative total exported model machine 2013 135213, exit amount restrains 1.72 billion dollar, unfavorable balance of trade;2012 of 100 million dollar year unfavorable balance of trade is 510 million yuan, unfavorable balance of trade was to reach 900 million dollar more 2010.

In addition, the monovalent difference of product of imports and exports can amount to 10 times, and in the center the machine that blow model is the product of average and monovalent lowest in model machine exit, also be entrance, exit average unit price differs the oldest product. Our country exit blew model opportunity 2013 65175, grow 236% compared to the same period, exit amount one hundred and eighty million nine hundred and seventy thousand yuan, grow 16% compared to the same period, export average unit price to be 3000 dollar only / stage. Analytic personage points out, this is main because the model machine product of exit is mostly,be modelled on product, still be in the low end of catenary of value of international industry division of labor, additional cost is not high. Compare with foreign advanced technique, domestic product is changed in nicety, miniature is changed, large change reach the existence on automata level bigger difference.