Zhejiang Guangming

Zhejiang Guangming Plastics Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 1992, after nearly two decades of hard work, has developed into the world's largest scale professional production of various screw and barrel machinery manufacturing enterprises. Company is located in Zhoushan, Zhejiang Province, Golden Town Dafeng second industrial zone, strong technical force, with a large screw and barrel finishing CNC production equipment, computer-controlled nitriding furnace, quenching furnace temperature heat treatment equipment and dual alloy spray welding equipment, equipped with advanced monitoring and quality testing equipment. Company has passed ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification, and has been sustained and effective operation and improvement. Over the years, the company strive for excellence in product quality and the formation of assembly line production process control, production facilities, inspection and testing and other aspects of a lot of manpower and material resources in order to improve product quality as the core idea. Companies adhere to the customer as the center, and strictly control the quality of the production process, the implementation of lean production management, quality inspection process to ensure sustained and effective, product quality is excellent. Capacity in an efficient and timely delivery capabilities to meet different customer requirements. Thus ensuring the "light" Friends of the barrel, screw products in the production of the domestic industry in a leading position in the field. Now a variety of products have received praise at home and abroad, the product not only based on the domestic market, and renowned international markets. Looking ahead, the company all employees in the company under the leadership of the leadership will continue to carry forward the spirit of hard work, as always, adhere to the "top-notch quality products and services to meet customer needs and expectations," the companies aim to better products and services meet new challenges.

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