Machinery Co., Ltd.

Accumulation of years of cutting-edge machinery is a professional management, research and development, independent innovation, manufacturing, sales, service integration presses and automation business. Companies specializing in the production of vertical, diagonal, horizontal, thermoplastic, thermosetting (PF, UF, MF, BMC, DMC, SMC, DAP ......) liquid silicone rubber, powder metallurgy, hard (soft) magnetic injection, metal injection, ceramic injection, special engineering materials and other machinery; provide customers with safe, fast, efficient, environmentally friendly, energy saving;-color and multi-color, full-(semi) closed loop, the accumulator (rapid injection), servo control, oil and electricity composite, all-electric, all kinds of plane and automation equipment. Cutting-edge R & D department and domestic mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, top research institutions long-term collaboration with the development of the market to create a faster, more refined, better, more energy saving and automation, humane device. Cutting-edge people-oriented, promoting the two civilizations. To advance innovative technology for the concept of quality to win the trust of the market, integrity and development, providing a full range of professional and technical support and planning. With customers to develop innovative, sustainable development, towards a better tomorrow!

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